John Hughes Tribute Planned For The Oscars

By Will LeBlanc 2010-02-18 06:33:22discussion comments
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John Hughes Tribute Planned For The Oscars image
If you thought it was hard just hearing about the death of Hollywood legend John Hughes, just wait until Sunday March 7th. The Academy has decided not to just include the writer/director in the standard “In Memoriam” clip montage, but give him his own tribute complete with memories recounted by former cast members, says Deadline.

Even the two hosts have personal memories they’ll be able to share, Steve Martin having been in the hilarious Planes, Trains & Automobiles and Baldwin gracing She’s Having a Baby. Other appearances haven’t yet been announced, but you can surely expect Molly Ringwald to say a few words, along with Matthew Broderick and maybe Anthony Michael Hall. Even Robert Downey Jr. played a role in Weerd Science so it’s entirely possible we’ll see him too. There’s been no confirmation on anyone yet, but there are a few actors that just stand out when you think of John Hughes.

It may seem slightly unfair to hold John Hughes in higher regard than this year’s other deceased celebs, but someone as prolific and influential as he was certainly deserves more than a five second slide with his picture on it. But I’m warning you Academy: if Brittany Murphy doesn’t get a full-on tribute too, I’m crackin’ skulls.
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