John Stamos Has A Full House Movie Idea

By Tim Gomez 2009-06-06 11:29:28discussion comments
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John Stamos Has A Full House Movie Idea image
You know which television shows from my childhood Iíd like to see made into movies? Probably none but definitely not Full House. The show was all fun and dandy and more than suffices as a nostalgic gem, but after 475 straight-to-VHS Olsen twin movies and seeing Danny Tanner spew obscenities in his stand-up act, those characters are pretty much tainted.

Unfortunately, with ER over, John Stamos has had some time to think, and according to NY Daily News, heís been thinking about a Full House movie. This wouldnít be in the form of a potentially disastrous reunion, though. Instead, Stamos wants a new cast to play the characters. He even has some people in mind: ďI see Steve Carell as [Bob Sagetís character] Danny Tanner and Tracy Morgan as [Dave Coulierís] Joey Gladstone because heís funny.Ē Such justification is impossible to argue against. As for the role of Uncle Jesse? Stamos would like to see James Franco take over.

With the barrage of remakes, reboots, and re-everythings coming at us over the next few years, I donít see why a studio wouldnít jump at this idea immediately. It has a built-in audience, it can easily be marketed to a new tween audience, and no oneís going to argue with the studio about canon. After all, itís Full House. You can bet that by mid-2011 weíll be seeing a Full House movie. So sassy, cute twins better start getting ready for auditions.
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