Josh Brolin Is An Eerily Accurate Younger Tommy Lee Jones In Men In Black III Set Photos

By Katey Rich 2011-04-12 13:06:33discussion comments
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Josh Brolin Is An Eerily Accurate Younger Tommy Lee Jones In Men In Black III Set Photos image
Josh Brolin always manages to surprise me by being something of a chameleon. It isn't just that he went from being a grizzled Texan in No Country for Old Men to the clean-cut and repressed Dan White in Milk, but then followed it up by actually turning into George W. Bush for W. Now he's pulled off yet another magic trick of casting and makeup, transforming himself in a younger version of his No Country for Old Men co-star Tommy Lee Jones for his part in Men In Black III.

Even when Brolin was cast to play a younger version of Agent K-- part of Men In Black III involves time travel back to the 60s-- it seemed like a good call, but the recent set photos snapped by The Daily Mail are almost eerie in how similar Brolin looks to Jones. Check out two of the images below, and look at that side-by-side comparison of college-aged Jones and Brolin above. It's an amazing bit of casting magic, and though it gives me no further evidence that this mishegoss of a movie will actually turn out well, it makes me curious to see how well Brolin does with aping Jones's mannerisms and voice. Honestly, it could turn out to be the one reason to even see Men In Black III.

You can see more images where that came from, including some of Smith in action, over at The Daily Mail. Despite a whole bunch of production delays, the movie is set for release on May 23 next year.

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