Jurassic Park 4's Gun-Toting Dinos

By Josh Tyler 2007-08-13 13:35:40discussion comments
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Jurassic Park 4's Gun-Toting Dinos image
It looks like Jurassic Park IV may still end up happening after all, and if it does the latest rumor on what itíll be about it actually an old on. A couple of years ago a some batshit crazy story about how the movie would involve the US government training dinosaurs to carry weapons ran across the internet, we all had a good laugh and assumed even Hollywood couldnít be that stupid and moved on. Not so fast. Now that rumor is back.

Bloody-Digusting has regurgitated it, claiming that Universal Pictures has started casting Jurassic Park IV and that it will involve machine gun toting raptors. Because they werenít deadly enough as is apparently. Forget how stupid an idea this is, why would the government even need to do that? Theyíre unstoppable killing machines without weapons, giving them bullets to fire is sort of like strapping a Patriot Missile on the head of an atomic bomb.

Word is that the movie starts shooting on Kauai in Hawaii later this year and it seems likely that Laura Dern, but not Sam Neill, will be back. Expect more clarification on what this thing is really about when they start rolling film, but if this is true donít be surprised for it to co-star Cuba Gooding Jr. or Jon Voight. It sounds like their kind of sequel.
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