Justice League Is No More

By Rafe Telsch 2008-04-19 10:50:20discussion comments
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Even though heís supposed to be promoting Speed Racer, Joel Silver is certainly spending a lot of time talking about other projects. First he says Wonder Woman is back on track, and now heís talking about his other big super-hero movie, JLA.

So whatís up with the Justice League movie? Well, Silver told CHUD that nothing is up with it. In fact, according to the producer, the movie has now been ďtabled,Ē which means it isnít happening right now. So, all of those casting rumors and site location scoutings have been for naught. The Justice League movie is dead.

Actually, calling it dead probably isnít fair. After all, Silver sat on Speed Racer for twenty years before it saw the light of day. There probably will be a Justice League picture at some point, but thankfully not now. Letís hope more thought and care is put into the project the next time it starts development so more of us are excited to report on it.
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