Justice League Movie: It's On

By Katey Rich 2008-02-27 14:32:39discussion comments
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The tenacious zombies of Shaun of the Dead have nothing on the Justice League of America movie. You can kill it with a B-list cast, script problems and a writerís strike, but nothing will stop it from rising again and bringing its brand of silly superheroes to our screens.

Thatís rightóthe Justice League movie is back, again, after seeming dead in the water so many times I canít even count anymore. Variety reported this morning that Warner Bros. is putting the whole thing in production again, with the intention of getting it out there in 2009. Adam Brody, Common, Megan Gale and the other cast members are all set to return, as well as director George Miller. Kieran and Michele Mulroney are currently chained to their typewriters, cleaning up the script that was deemed so bad the whole shoot had to be called off just weeks before the writersí strike ended.

Iím thrilled for Warner Bros. that their tentpole project is back in action, and they wonít be the ones with egg on their faces were the whole thing to implode. I still stand by my position, though, that this whole thing is going to be ridiculously awful. Maybe itís Adam Brody as the flash. Maybe itís the comically disastrous proceedings that have led to this movie being made. But I refuse to believe that Justice League of America is capable of being a decent movie. Prove me wrong, Justice League!
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