Marvel Studios has spent nearly a decade building up their cinematic universe with some of the most popular movies being produced in Hollywood, but in the next few years DC Comics and Warner Bros. plan to increase the competition. The release of Zack Snyder's Man of Steel in 2013 kicked things off, and 2016 extended the timeline with two new DC movies being released every year up to and including 2020.

But what are the titles that make up this impressive slate? Who are the filmmakers making the movies, and who will be starring? Well, we've organized all that information for you below, so read on to have your big questions answered!

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Wonder Woman -- June 2, 2017

After once being attached to direct Marvel Studios' Thor: The Dark World, Patty Jenkins is helming Wonder Woman - which will be the DC Cinematic Universe's first period film. Set during the years of World War I, the first big screen adventure for Princess Diana of Themyscira (Gal Gadot) will both dive deep into her origins as a demi-god, but also her first experiences in the world of man (personified, largely, by co-star Chris Pine). What's unclear at this stage is how the film will ultimately connect with the larger DCU, though the latest trailer did show Diana in modern-day Paris.

This will be the first Wonder Woman-centric project since the failed TV pilot that was made a few years ago with Adrianne Palicki, but obviously has a chance to make a major impact on the comic book movie world (especially because of its lead female character). Obviously Gal Gadot's first performance as the character in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will give us a much clearer idea of what to expect from the upcoming solo movie -- but it's also worth noting that the film has the distinction of being the last solo movie before the big event title set to come out later in 2017: Justice League. Get the latest news and information about Wonder Woman HERE.

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Justice League -- November 17, 2017

Warner Bros. and DC Comics have been working for years to try and make a Justice League movie, and a few years ago even lined up an entire ensemble for a production that was to have director George Miller at the helm. Delays of a wide variety have prevented the project from happening, but the wait will soon be over. Thanks to the growing DC Cinematic Universe, we will soon see one of the greatest superhero teams of all time unite for the first time in live action on the big screen.

In late 2017, audiences will finally get to see the top tier heroes of DC Comics unite as the Justice League to take down Steppenwolf, an enemy hinted at in deleted scenes from Batman v Superman. The film will be the third in the growing cinematic universe to be directed by Zack Snyder, with an official Justice League line-up that will include Batman, Superman (yes, back from the dead), Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman. Who are they fighting? We have that answer. Get the latest news and information about Justice League HERE.

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The Flash -- March 16, 2018

Following his appearance in some of the other DC Comics movies (including a few words of dialogue in Suicide Squad), Ezra Miller's Barry Allen will be in the spotlight in early 2018, starring in his own solo Flash film. This date, however, is suspect. Director Rick Famuyiwa -- known for his work on the indie hit Dope - left the movie recently citing "creative differences," and that's following writer/director Seth Grahame-Smith, who ALSO left the project over "creative differences." That's a huge problem. No director has been hired to replace Famuyiwa, so will this date stick?

Another big question mark that surrounds the Flash movie is whether or not it will be semi-competing with the very popular television series about the same character that is currently on the air. By the time the DC Cinematic Universe Flash is running around in your local cinema, fans will have seen nearly four complete seasons of Barry Allen adventures on the small screen. How will the movie manage to feel fresh and original? We'll just have to wait and find out. Get the latest news and information about The Flash HERE.

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Aquaman -- October 5, 2018

In 2018, star Jason Momoa and director James Wan will take audiences to the depths of the ocean and see DC Comics' King of Atlantis at the center of his own solo film. Nothing has been revealed about the plot, though Black Manta has been heavily rumored to be the villain, and Amber Heard has been confirmed as Mera. One also can predict struggles for the throne and battles between those from sea and those from land. Oh, and plenty of big, epic battle scenes featuring lots and lots of water. It really just wouldn't be an Aquaman movie without it.

This project has a particular challenge ahead of it, if not just because its central character has been the butt of jokes for a few decades now -- most mocking his somewhat silly water-based powers. That being said, DC Comics has done a great deal to redeem the character since the big relaunch that came with The New 52, and now many fans see him as an underwater badass (complete with a harpoon spear for a hand). The fact that one of the toughest and most terrifying Game of Thrones stars is playing Aquaman doesn't hurt either. We got our first look at the live-action version of the character in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and a longer look in the Justice League trailer. But we will probably have to wait a little while for further details about the solo movie, as its release date was just bumped back from July to October of 2018. Get the latest news and information about Aquaman HERE.

ben affleck bruce wayne

Untitled DC Comics Movie -- July 27, 2018

With Aquaman moving back, DC has a void to fill in the Summer of 2018. Could this become the solo Batman movie that Ben Affleck has been circling? It makes sense, in the grand scheme of things. Even those fans who had issues with Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice liked what Affleck attempted as Bruce Wayne and his costumed alter ego. Ben Affleck reportedly worked on a solo Batman script that he likes, and has been confirmed as that film's director. And we have confirmed that Deathstroke (played by Joe Manganiello) will be this film's main villain.

This will give DC three standalone superhero movies in 2018, as this Untitled movie will precede solo Aquaman but follow The Flash (if all dates hold steady). They would all be arriving BEFORE the second Justice League movie, which makes us wonder if the first Justice League will have a cliffhanger... because waiting through three movies for a payoff would be strange, at best.

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Shazam -- April 5, 2019

Shazam is a project developing at a strange pace. While all of the aforementioned titles have both a director and a star to play the hero, currently this one is working with neither a director, nor an actor set to play the antagonist. Dwayne Johnson has signed on to play Black Adam in the project -- a role he's wanted for years -- but right now that's the only concrete thing we know about the movie.

Warner Bros. and DC Comics have been trying to develop a Shazam film for years now, but only in 2019 will it finally happen. Allegedly, actually, as Box Office Mojo has an Untitled DC Comics Movie, down on this date, but we'll leave Shazam here, as that has been the plan. Said to be more comedic than other titles in the DC Cinematic Universe, the plot will center on a young boy named Billy Batson who, thanks to the teachings of an old wizard, can transform into an adult superhero after saying the titular word. Get the latest news and information about Shazam HERE.

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Justice League Sequel -- June 14, 2019

The DC Cinematic Universe is doing things on the big screen very different than their rivals over at Marvel. Not only are they mostly skipping the long run of solo movies that would build up to the first team-up film, but that first team up film is actually going to be a two-parter (something Marvel Studios won't be trying with The Avengers: Infinity War). Justice League Part Two has been announced to follow the events of Justice League, though Zack Snyder recently confirmed to us that his first movie isn't really a Part One that will be concluded in this second film. Still, with Steppenwolf being the villain in the first movie, most of us expect Darkseid to show up in 2019.

Justice League Part Two will technically be the fourth film in the DC Cinematic Universe to be directed by Zack Snyder if he stays on -- the first three, of course, being Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the first Justice League. We presume that the main lineup will include Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman, but who knows who lives or dies up to this point in the timeline? We may also finally see Green Lantern in this movie. Get the latest news and information about Justice League Part Two HERE.

justice league running comics

Untitled DC Comics Movie -- November 1, 2019

Here's where we get into serious guess work, because its several years away, and so much can change between now and then. At the very least, we know that the DC Comics Universe is moving ahead, reacting to the popularity of Batman v Superman and building on the base that Zack Snyder has created. But by November of 2019, there are a number of ways that the studio's slate could go, and we don't have a clear direction yet.

This untitled DC movie won't be a Justice League film, as Part Two is programmed for June of that year. There have been rumors of a Suicide Squad sequel, or a Harley Quinn spinoff movie, and either could fit in this date. Green Lantern or Cyborg -- both down for 2020 movies -- could move up. Or, both Superman and Wonder Woman could be due solo standalone movies by the time this date rolls around, as we know Henry Cavill is developing Man of Steel 2. All we know for certain is that Warner Bros. has circled this date on the calendar for a DC movie. We'll keep you posted on what develops.

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Cyborg -- April 3, 2020

If Cyborg is based on the New 52 reboot of its titular character, the story will center on Victor Stone (Ray Fisher), a gifted high school football player who can get the attention of everyone except for his S.T.A.R. Labs scientist father, Silas Stone. Victor is at the laboratory when an accident occurs, and though he is left clinging to life, his father works to save him by giving him robotic pieces and injecting him with nanites -- turning him in a half-robot/half-human superhero.

What's interesting about this solo film, and what separates it from every other modern example we've seen, is that Ray Fisher's Cyborg will have appeared in at least three other in-canon adventures before getting a big screen story of his very own. This means that everything we see in the DC Cinematic Universe up until 2020 could easily morph and change what Cyborg is going to be -- which also goes a long way in explaining why no director has been chosen just yet. Get the latest news and information about Cyborg HERE.

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Green Lantern Corps -- July 24, 2020

Following the unfortunate Green Lantern movie that came out in 2011, Warner Bros. and DC Comics are rebooting the story of the famed intergalactic peace keeping force by making a team movie instead of just focusing on a single Emerald Knight. Not much is known about the project yet, though it's been suggested that the film could actually feature both Hal Jordan and John Stewart in addition to other famous versions of the character.

What's interesting and unclear about Green Lantern's role in the DC Cinematic Universe is exactly when he will be introduced. As mentioned earlier, it's been assumed that he will be the seventh member of the Justice League, alongside Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman, but no actor has been cast as a protector of Sector 2814 yet, and he's the only hero not confirmed for an appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Get the latest news and information about Green Lantern Corps HERE.

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The Batman

Batman is unquestionably one of the most beloved pop culture icons of all time -- so we know that it won't be long until Ben Affleck's version of the character gets a solo movie of his very own. Unfortunately, what's unclear is exactly when we will see that happen, as a new Batman solo film wasn't announced as part of the DC Cinematic Universe slate leading up until 2020.

Right now nothing is official, though it has been reported that the idea is that Ben Affleck will not only star in a Batman movie, but also that he would direct and co-write it with DC Comics head honcho Geoff Johns. The response to both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad could define the future for this project, and when it will land on Warner Bros' release schedule.

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While it's not necessarily going to be part of the DC Cinematic Universe, there is another key DC Comics adaptation in the works over at Warner Bros. A big screen adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Sandman, has been in the works for some time now. The film will tell the story of Morpheus -- also known as Dream -- as he manages to escape the bonds of an occult ritual that has kept him imprisoned for 70 years. He returns to find that the empire he had built is destroyed, and simultaneously works to rebuild all that he has lost, and also seek retribution.

Not being a part of the DCU, it could be a while before this one gets going, as the source material isn't terribly easy to adapt. Still, if Watchmen could be brought to the big screen after many failed attempts, Sandman may eventually do it as well. Originally Joseph Gordon-Levitt was attached to take the helm of the project, co-writing the script with David Goyer, though he wound up splitting from the movie due to creative differences with the studio.

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Man Of Steel 2

When Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was first announced, it appeared from the outside that it would also serve as Man of Steel 2. As the project moved through development, however, it very much morphed into something else (a.k.a. the setup for Justice League), and while it will deal with consequences from the 2013 Zack Snyder movie, fans are going to have to wait for a legitimate second Superman solo film.

Of course, what Man of Steel 2 will be about will entirely be defined by where it winds up landing in the timeline. It's been rumored that notable Superman baddies Darkseid and Brainiac could wind up playing key roles in the Justice League titles, so where would that leave a new Superman movie? Metallo? Cyborg Superman? Bizarro? We'll have to wait and see.

Margot Robbie Harley Quinn suicide squad

Harley Quinn / Birds of Prey

This is another one that seems highly likely, though we don't know when it will land on DC's programming slate. Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn was a standout from David Ayer's Suicide Squad, and the studio and actress have been working hard to figure out her next cinematic steps. Screenwriter Christina Hodson recently has been hired to pen a treatment for a Harley Quinn movie that would also serve as a Birds of Prey heroic vehicle, meaning a lot more powerful female roles could be coming to the DCEU.

At the moment, though, this movie's in development limbo, as DC continues to move pieces around its big board. There's that July 2018 slot recently vacated by Aquaman that we gave to Ben Affleck's Batman earlier. But what if Harley and the Birds nab it? Or what if Shazam gets shuttled out of April 2019 to a later date, leaving room for more Harley mayhem. One thing we know is that this movie is coming. When? hat's anyone's guess at the moment.

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