Kevin Macdonald To Investigate A Murder Mystery

By Perri Nemiroff 2010-03-10 21:04:53discussion comments
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Kevin Macdonald To Investigate A Murder Mystery image
Ready to delve into a murder mystery? No, Iím not talking Sherlock Holmes, just the upcoming film simply called Murder Mystery. Itís the first item on the new production company Tower Hill Entertainmentís to-do list. The man in charge of their maiden film? The Last King of Scotland and State of Play director Kevin Macdonald.

According to Variety, heíll be working with a script by James Vanderbilt, the writer in charge of putting pen to paper to make the Spider-Man reboot as well. Tower Hillís bigwigs, William J. Shively and AJ Dix, will produce alongside Beau Flynn and Tripp Vinson of ContraFilm.

The plot revolves around an American couple vacationing in Europe for their honeymoon. Plans for a romance-filled getaway are spoiled when they witness a murder and find themselves in the midst of an international conspiracy. Dix describes the film as ďpure entertainment. Itís exciting, suspenseful and romantic.Ē The plan is to shoot on location in Europe, but before that can happen, casting must be taken care of. This is what could make or break the film. For some reason, the duo that comes to mind is Gerard Butler and Cameron Diaz. But thanks to the dismal trailer for The Bounty Hunter and my disdain for The Box, Iím hoping my first instinct wonít become a reality.
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