Kevin Smith's Red State Finds Funding

By Josh Tyler 2009-10-08 12:54:34discussion comments
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Earlier this week Kevin Smith pounded the nail into the coffin of Ranger Danger, the sci-fi project heís been teasing fans for the past few years. But it looks like itís better news for Red State, the dark, and unconventional horror film about a religious fundamentalism.

Smith has had trouble getting funding for the film in the past. Studios like The Weinstein Company have passed on it, not because they donít think itís good, but because they didnít think they could make a profit off of it. Now though it sounds like Kev may have what he needs to shoot his finished script. He tells Den of Geek, ďI got a call at 2am last night. I think weíve got the money for Red State

That doesnít mean heíll start production tomorrow. Heís currently working on his first studio film, a buddy cop movie with Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan called A Couple of Dicks. He may not even get to Red State after that. Lately heís been obsessed with making a hockey movie out of a Warren Zevon song called Hit Somebody. At least though, he has the money, if he ever gets around to it.
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