Kick-Ass 2 Director Jeff Wadlow Talks Sequels, Villains And Putting His Heroes Through The Wringer

By Sean O'Connell 2013-08-19 13:36:58discussion comments
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Jeff Wadlow

Is one of the differences the fact that Aaronís character, Dave, has more confidence in the suit?

You know, thatís interesting, because marketing materials are very funny. There are these images in the trailers and posters that show Aaron with his shirt off, and he looks so buff. All I heard was, ďOh, they turned Kick-Ass into an action hero!Ē But what they donít understand is that thatís the last shot in the movie. His journey in this film is literally, still, going from zero to hero. By the end of this movie, he really is the real deal.

Itís interesting because, in these second chapters, we often see our hero suddenly cocky, and a little drunk on their powers and abilities. But they all get torn down. Itís inevitable. Does Kick--Ass get torn down in this movie?

Oh yeah. I promise you, thereís not other superhero movie that is as hard on its characters as we are. We put them through the wringer.

OK, tell me Ö why?

I think thatís what Kick-Ass does. It wants to be truthful. It wants to create authentic moments. Thatís where the humor comes from. Thatís where the intense action comes from. This isnít PG, safe action. If you are going to get into a fight, you are going to get home. And in the real world, you lose people who you care about. There are no rules. Thereís no karma, no Robert McKee story structure paradigm thatís being placed on your life. Bad shit happens, and it hurts. It breaks your heart. And we do that to our characters.

Itís a weird thing, though, to talk about realism with this movie, you know? Because this movie is not realistic! Like, at all. But what we are saying is, ďIf you were a superhero in the real world, it wouldnít play out the way you think it would. People arenít playing by superhero rules, just because you want to play superhero.Ē And then we follow that idea to absurd extremes.

Jeff Wadlowís Kick-Ass 2 currently is in theaters.
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