Knight And Day Clip: Tom Cruise Flies A Motorcycle

By Josh Tyler 2010-06-16 01:36:52discussion comments
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Knight And Day Clip: Tom Cruise Flies A Motorcycle image
Fact: A lot of people out there root for Tom Cruise to fail. These are the people who, every time he releases something new, claim that all Tom Cruise movies suck. They canít name more than one or two bad ones, but heís Tom Cruise so everything he does must be terrible, right? Wrong. Actually if you look back at his resume itís rare that Cruise has appeared in anything which wasn't great. Most of his movies are, quite simply awesome.

Tom Cruise makes good movies, but everyoneís already predicting doom and gloom for Knight & Day. Always ready to cast the first stone Deadline, for instance, claims Knight & Day is tracking even worse among potential audiences than Killers was. Thatís pretty horrible if true. Maybe itís even understandable. Tom Cruise only makes good movies, but Knight & Dayís premise feels pretty tired.

What doesnít feel tired about it is what weíve seen of Cruiseís performance. The guy looks like heís having the time of his life, and seriously kicking ass in the process. Youíll see some of that in this new clip from the film, an extended version of the car chase sequence youíve eyeballed parts of in the trailers. Yeah Cameron Diazís screaming is utterly annoying, and most of the movieís marketing has been beyond horrible, right from the start, but Cruise provides more than enough reason to give Knight & Day a chance. Watch:

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