Lauren Graham Cast In Scream 4?

By Perri Nemiroff 2010-06-16 15:56:26discussion comments
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Lauren Graham Cast In Scream 4? image
Iím getting a very Jennifer Aniston feeling from this news, but I canít let it go uncovered in the case it turns out to be true. According to Ghouls on Film, Lauren Graham is heading to Woodsboro for a role in Scream 4.

First reason to be suspicious? The source is someone ďclose to the production.Ē This might fly for better known publications with a track record in delivering factual scoops, but thereís no reason to be confident in the siteís claim. Second, the whole Jennifer Aniston thing turned out to be one stinking pile of BS. Unless the news comes from an official provider or straight from Wes Craven himself, Iím remaining doubtful.

Now on to the third reason and the one that might quash this rumor completely; based on that casting call we told you about, thereís no role for someone of Grahamís age and sex. The only remaining non-teen roles are Sidneyís 20-something personal assistant and two male detectives in their 40s. Of course changes could have been made or a mommy role added since the listing was first posted back in April, but the fact that this announcement is drowning in skepticism to begin with, makes that highly unlikely.
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