A League Of Their Own: Every Major Rockford Peach, Ranked By Baseball Skill

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10) Betty Spaghetti Horn
Number: 7

Position: Left Field, Relief Pitcher

Pros: Good fastball, very mobile in left field, champion knitter, makes good spaghetti, knows the bus driverís name.

Cons: Not a regular starter, doesnít have a ton of pop in her bat, emotional over her dead husband.

Analysis: Betty Spaghetti has good fundamentals and moves around well out in left field. Sheís also got a nice little bit of snark to her that keeps the room light. All of that makes her a very effective back-up/ role player, but more often than not, she starts games on the bench. She just doesnít have enough pop to her bat, and she doesnít play a ton of different positions.

Still, if your first woman off the bench is Betty Spaghetti, youíre in great shape. Not only because she can run. Not only because she can catch and hit but also because she can rock your world with a badass spaghetti following home games.
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