A League Of Their Own: Every Major Rockford Peach, Ranked By Baseball Skill

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A League Of Their Own: Every Major Rockford Peach, Ranked By Baseball Skill image
Tom Hanksí Jimmy Dugan may not have recognized their potential immediately, but the roster for the Rockford Peaches is, in fact, comprised of ballplayers. It features some great hitters, some great fielders and even a few good arms. Of course, itís also filled with criers, beauty school rejects and women who canít hit the cut-off man, but itís hard to find a roster, even among professional baseball teams, that isnít filled with at least a few holes and few players with glaring weaknesses. And A League Of Their Own does a great job of presenting that.

You see, avid sports fan Penny Marshall didnít simply cast the best actresses. She made every single Hollywood starlet who wanted a role in the film spend a few days actually playing baseball. Among those who were actually athletes, she then whittled down the group to find the right women. That really comes through in the final product too. Every single woman cast in the film is a believeable baseball player, but each contributes to both her characterís strengths and weaknesses.

So, letís have an honest conversation about who the best Rockford Peach really is. Leaving off the girls who donít have more than a line or two, letís rank every major player by her actual baseball skills.

11) Alice "Skeeter" Gaspers
Number: 18

Position: All Outfield Positions, Catcher

Pros: Can play catcher, has good Canadian flair, is go with the flow

Cons: Doesnít change her socks, has really aggressive eyebrows, thinks itís bad luck to be yelled at.

Analysis: Every team has to have a back-up catcher. Itís like having a second dude who can play goalie in hockey. Thereís just no way to form a real team without one, but Alice adds serious value in that she can play the outfield positions, as well. In fact, she seems to be an outfielder who can catch in case the regular girl gets injured or decides to drive home with her husband with a jacked up foot, rather than the other way around.

Alice is the butt of more than a few jokes in A League Of Their Own. At one point, she literally has flies buzzing around her on account of the not changing her socks thing, but sheís actually a valuable contributor on defense, and her swing is not the worst thing in the world Iíve ever seen.
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