Lee Daniels In Talks To Direct The Richard Pryor Biopic

By Nick Venable 2014-01-10 15:24:30discussion comments
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Lee Daniels In Talks To Direct The Richard Pryor Biopic image
When it comes to biopics about stand-up comedians, there are only a few that would actually make any sense, and Richard Pryor stands to be the most sensible option. (Though Bill Hicks is right behind him, trying to not catch on fire.) But just because it makes sense doesnít mean itís an easy task. The long-gestating Pryor pic gained ground some months back once Forest Whitaker attached himself as a producer, and now The Weinstein Company may have found just the high profile director they want in Lee Daniels, who is currently in talks to take over what will assumedly be titled Lee Danielsí The Richard Pryor.

The Weinsteins were behind Lee Danielsí The Butler, fighting for it during that awkward legal suit over the filmís title. Allowing the heavy hand of Daniels to handle the tumultuous events in Pryorís life is seemingly controversial in and of itself, as one never knows whether theyíll get the Precious Daniels or the Paperboy Daniels. Maybe Nicole Kidman can star as the person who pees on Pryor after he set himself on fire while freebasing. Itís just a thought.

And while the role of director is undoubtedly an important piece of this puzzle, the real kicker is going to be hiring the right actor to imbue the right amount of frankness and legitimacy within the role of the legendary comic. The three actors currently being considered are no surprises. THR reports the frontrunners are Eddie Murphy Ė who has been rabid for this role for years Ė Marlon Wayans, and Michael B. Jordan, who recently delivered a winning performance in TWCís otherwise ordinary tragi-drama Fruitvale Station. Wayans is apparently just the right age for the role, as the film will center on Pryor during the heyday of his 30s, but Jordanís superior talents as an actor may win him the part, which means weíll get a lot of terrible-looking age makeup.

But seriously, Iíd rather see some terrible-looking younger age makeup slapped on Murphy, because this is obviously the role the man has been destined to play for decades. Hear him tell it himself in the NSFW clip from Raw below.

While any biopic about such a talented and clever performer would be an interesting watch, this still-untitled project has Richardís widow Jennifer Pryor on board as a producer, and she supplied TWC with over 50 pages of Pryorís journals, which will certainly add a personal touch that would be impossible to duplicate. Thereís nobody out there like Richard Pryor, and if Daniels does indeed head this film, I hope he remembers that.

Of course, if they wanted to make a fully fictional film where they set Pryor as the President of the United States, Iím all about that, too. Oh wait, he already did that.

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