Lego Remake Of The Cars 2 Trailer

By Josh Tyler 2011-05-20 12:00:24discussion comments
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Lego Remake Of The Cars 2 Trailer image
Though Iím one of the few that actually loved the first one, Iím having a hard time getting excited about Cars 2. Maybe itís just that I donít want to know what it looks like when Mater goes to the bathroom. That scene from the latest trailer was sort of a turn-off. Or maybe the problem is simply that Pixarís new movie isnít in Lego, and it probably should be.

The first Cars 2 teaser trailer has been remade entirely using Legos and, somehow, itís an improvement. Theyíve duplicated every frame with little blocks and it looks positively brilliant. Itís even better than the real trailer, and that means you should give it a watch.

Here you go, the first Cars 2 trailer in Lego:

Now compare the Lego version to the real Cars 2 teaser:

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