Lego: The Movie Being Put Together

By Josh Tyler 2009-08-11 23:53:42discussion comments
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While Iím unable to construct a man-sized Statue of Liberty out of a Robin Hood Lego set, Iím a big fan of the easily swallowed by toddler building blocks known as Legos. If I walk by a pile of them, I immediately start forcing them together into a variety of nonsensical geometric figures. If youíre able to fashion those geometric figures into something cool, please know that I regard you as a mythical deity worth of my respect and worship. That said, I have no idea how you turn any of this into a movie.

That wonít stop Warner Bros. from trying. THR says theyíve acquired the rights to Legos, with the intent of turning the classic and highly educational toy into a feature film. The toys are a great way of building a kidís creativity and imagination, so presumably the movie will be about that in some fashion. The studio is citing ďToy StoryĒ as a model for what they have in mind. I donít know if they mean that literally as in stiff Lego figures walking around on screen building cars and then driving away in them, but if youíve played any of the Lego videogames then you know that scenario is a distinct possibility.

Is this a good idea? Lego has come up with so many fun, and creative ways to translate their product into a variety of other mediums, itís hard to dismiss this project the way weíve all been quick to do with the other toy and game to movie translations which have been all the rage lately. Legos are fun. Maybe theyíll be fun in movies too.
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