Leonardo DiCaprio Helps Make A Somebody Out Of A Nobody

By Ed Perkis 2008-03-22 11:47:24discussion comments
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Leonardo DiCaprio Helps Make A Somebody Out Of A Nobody image
If you plan on writing a script in your spare time, try to sell it for $650,000 and get Leonardo DiCaprio to star in it. I know it sounds impossible, but it happens all the time. It at least happened once to a guy named Brad Ingelsby, who sells insurance in Pennsylvania and has never even been to Hollywood.

HR is reporting that Ingelsby sold his script called The Low Dweller to Relativity Media and that DiCaprio and Ridley Scott will produce the thriller. DiCaprio will play the lead and Scott is probably going to direct. DiCaprio and Scott just recently finished Body of Lies, due out in October, so they wonít need to be introduced or anything.

The movie is described as similar to No Country to Old Men, which is better than being similar to Breaking 2: Electric Bugaloo. DiCaprio will play a man recently released from prison who is trying to put his life back together. Instead, a man from his past is trying to settle a score. Maybe DiCaprio didnít shiv who he was supposed to shiv. Guys get cranky about stuff like that.
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