Lion King's 3D Theatrical Re-Release Coming This Fall, Here's The Trailer

By Josh Tyler 2011-05-26 00:12:54discussion comments
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Disney has been planning to cash in on the 3D craze in a big way, by re-releasing their classic movies in the format, for awhile now. Luckily, so far they havenít actually been able to get it to happen. The money-grab was supposed to start with a 3D re-release of Beauty and the Beast, but thatís been pushed back into oblivion. Now it seems they may be switching to cash-in mode on The Lion King.

Weíve known that Disney was working on this 3D conversion for awhile, but now we know when itís coming and thereís a special trailer announcing itís impending arrival. Expect the Lion King 3D Re-release in theaters this fall. Hereís the trailer:

The Lion King has always been, and remains, my favorite animated movie. Yes, I like it even more than Toy Story 3, and if youíve read any of my lavish praise of that movie around these parts, thatís saying a lot. Itís a brilliant, moving, animated masterpiece. And when I watched that trailer and the words ďIn Breathtaking 3DĒ flashed up on screen, I got dizzy and felt sick to my stomach. It was like watching a trailer in which someone told me that later this fall theyíre going to break into my house and murder my dog.

This is my dog. Why would anyone want to hurt her?

Hereís whatís good in this horrifying announcement: I really do want to see The Lion King in theaters again. Wait, thatís not good because I wonít be able to see that beautiful movie. Instead what Iíll be tricked into seeing is some dimly lit monstrosity crammed into the 3D format to sell overpriced tickets even though it was never intended to be in 3D and definitely doesnít need to be in 3D at all.

Have you seen The Lion King? Did you see it the first time it was in theaters? I did. I saw it three times. It was fucking beautiful. This will not be beautiful. Itís hard enough to convert live action or computer generated movies into 3D when theyíre intended to be in the format. What the fuck chance does this have of being any good at all? None. Absolutely none. Itís hand drawn animation! This is not going to work, except as a way to ruin everyoneís wonderful memories of just how stunning The Lion King was the first time we all saw it, back in the 90s, in glorious (now rapidly vanishing) 2D.

Look whether you think 3D is a good idea or not, thereís really no way to excuse converting older 2D films into the format. This is the same shit Hollywood tried to pull with Technicolor when they began callously colorizing black and white films. That was shit, everyone knew it was shit, and thereís a reason no one does that anymore. Those who donít learn from their mistakes really are doomed to repeat them, I guess.

Scuse me while I cool down with a little Hakuna Matata.

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