Lionsgate Will Distribute The Miley Cyrus Comedy LOL

By Katey Rich 2010-10-29 07:49:27discussion comments
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Lionsgate Will Distribute The Miley Cyrus Comedy LOL image
Miley Cyrus's continued efforts at world domination rage on despite the end of Hannah Montana, and now Lionsgate is getting in on a few of those Cyrus family dollars. According to Deadline the studio has picked up the rights to the comedy LOL, which was produced independently by Mandate Pictures.

The film is a remake of the 2008 French film Laughing Out Loud from the same director, Lisa Azuelos, who also adapted her own screenplay. Cyrus plays a high school girl dumped by her boyfriend for being too sexually inexperienced, with Twilight's Ashley Greene playing her rival, Demi Moore as Cyrus's mom, Marlo Thomas as her grandmother, and Thomas Jane as a new love interest for Moore's character. There's a whole network of friends for both the high schoolers and the grown-ups that you can read about in our earlier article here.
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