Liv Tyler Won't Be In The Hobbit

By Josh Tyler 2011-03-22 01:13:23discussion comments
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One of the challenges of turning The Hobbit into a movie is that most of the characters from Lord of the Rings werenít born, around the time this story takes place. Thatís not a problem from a storytelling standpoint, but it probably is from the studioís standpoint, since execs are always keen to bring in audiences by promising to show them more of the people theyíve already come to know and love.

One way or another theyíre finding ways to bring in members from the Lord of the Rings cast into The Hobbit, and many of them have already been confirmed as participants. But one character, perhaps one of the few characters whoís actually alive during the time period involved and in a position to take part in the events of The Hobbit, wonít be back. Liv Tyler says nobodyís said anything to her about showing up in New Zealand to reprise her role as Arwen, and that makes her ďkind of sadĒ.

While technically Arwen isn't in The Hobbit book, many characters which aren't in the book will show up in one of the two Hobbit movies, particularly in the second one which will use material outside of The Hobbit. Yet talking to Collider about The Hobbit the former Ringwraith-defeating Arwen says not only hasnít she heard from anyone about it, she didnít even know that filming had begun on the movie yesterday. Watch their full interview with her below, in which she also talks about Strangers 2, but mostly she talks about The Hobbit and seems sincerely bummed out that Arwen wonít be involved. Arenít we all?

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