Looper Interview: Emily Blunt Talks Shotguns, Redemption And A Nickname For Her Fans

By Sean O'Connell 2012-09-26 07:19:34discussion comments
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You also wield a mean shotgun. Was that a physical tool that you played around with before the shoot?
No, that they sort of handed to me on the day. I didnít have much time to play around with the shotgun. But Iíd been to a gun range before, and have fired those sorts of things before. Badly, I might add. Oh, I had a BB gun Ė my brotherís BB gun Ė when I was young. That was the only experience with guns that Iíve had.

The driving force behind the narrative is pre-destiny and the butterfly effect, but thatís not what I took away from Looper. I was moved by Bruceís story pertaining to true love, and a man who will change fate to be with the woman he adores. How much of that do you believe in?
I do believe in that. I believe in change. I believe in redemption, and I think thatís what this movie is about, too Ö the redeeming qualities of love, and how profound that effect can be on peopleís lives. And also, how much that can effect the cycle of things, even breaking the cycle of pain and destruction. I think thatís the theme that runs through Looper. Particularly a motherís love. I really connected with that.

Looper opens in theaters on Friday, Sept. 28.
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