Louis CK's Concert Movie Will Screen Secretly For One Night Only

By Josh Tyler 2010-08-26 23:45:17discussion comments
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Louis CK's Concert Movie Will Screen Secretly For One Night Only image
Iíve got a thing for Louis C.K. Itís a newfound affection. It's been hip to like his standup for a few years now and while I thought he was funny, I was never as into him as most people seemed to be. I saw his quickly cancelled pay cable show Lucky Louie, and that didnít do anything for me either. But lately Iíve been watching his new FX series Louie and while every episode isnít a homerun, most of them are, and when they are, itís some of the most profound television ever to appear on my living room screen.

A big part of the reason it works so well is the really obtuse way they tie his rather smart stand-up comedy in with the show. In the best episodes of Louie heíll do a bit from his act, and then youíll see a scene acted out on screen which, while itís never an exact replica of what heís been talking about sort of fits with it in this profound, right-angled way to paint a bigger, broader picture than either the joke or the scripted scene could have painted on its own. Itís brilliant.

So I think maybe thereís reason to get excited about Louis C.K.ís semi-secret stand-up movie Hilarious. It wonít have quite the artistic profundity of his series, but the ideas behind it all will be there. Our own Katey Rich caught it at Sundance and came back effervescing about Louisís brilliant ravings and now youíll have a chance to catch it too. But only if youíre in the right place, at the right time.

EW has learned that Louis C.K.ís Hilarious will screen for only one night and in eight cities around the country. Those cities are Austin, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington DC. If you live anywhere else, youíre out of luck. Even if you live in those cities, you may be out of luck. Theyíre only playing it the one night and tickets are set to go on sale like, any minute. Apparently details are supposed to be posted on LouisCK.net, though I donít see them yet. When they are, theyíre sure to sell out instantly. Be quick on the trigger finger and let us know if you get in.
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