Love Happens Clips: Jennifer Aniston Fakes A Handicap

By Josh Tyler 2009-09-10 00:17:49discussion comments
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Itís time for Jennifer Aniston to make an action movie. Or maybe play a stripper. Or hey, how about an abusive step-mother? A tough-as-nailed bank robber? Anything but yet another movie where she stands in frame and simply looks pretty. Maybe thatís not fair. Sometimes she sits. But seriously, how about showing us a few karate kicks or fire off a couple of rounds from a firearm? Even Julia Roberts made The Pelican Brief. Iím pretty sure Jennifer Aniston has never needed a stunt double, and so far thereís no reason to believe she ever will. Hereís a good bet: Which will happen first? Jennifer Aniston wins an Oscar or Jennifer Aniston breaks a sweat on camera? Iím taking neither. .

Her latest movie is Love Happens, a generic meet-cute, romance movie if thereís ever been one. In it she plays a florist and most of the five clips from the film that we have below seem to involve her standing next to pretty lights or colorful roses, cocking her head, folding her arms, and staring. The closest she comes to doing something risky is a five second moment in which she sort of makes fun of deaf people. Is that real sign language?

Itís good to be Jennifer Aniston. Watch her earn another paycheck in the five clips embedded below:

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