M. Night Shyamalan Parodies His Devil Trailer On An Escalator

By Josh Tyler 2010-08-27 00:34:15discussion comments
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M. Night Shyamalan Parodies His Devil Trailer On An Escalator image
Iíve never gotten the sense that M. Night Shyamalan has a sense of humor about himself or, for that matter, has any idea of what people really think of his last few movies. Whenever heís been confronted with their terribleness he always waves around European box office receipts or something, as if itís proof that people adore him and itís just the media thatís out to get him. He takes himself seriously and he takes his work seriously, and he doesnít really seem to accept criticism. Thatís fine. So whatís he doing making parody videos?

Iím not sure but he shot one for MTV in which he parodies the trailer for Devil, the new horror movie he produced about people trapped in an elevator with something evil. If the Devil trailer is noteworthy for anything at all, itís that every time itís shown in a theater anywhere the audience invariably laughs or groans whenever Shyamalanís name flashes on screen. Some people are pointing to the fact that heís willing to parody the trailer as proof that M. Night is willing to poke fun at himself, as if he understands that people are laughing at him and is trying to get in on the joke. I donít see that here at all. Watch:

The parody video doesnít really poke fun at M. Night or his work. Itís just sort of a light-hearted parody which takes the Devil concept and does something silly with it. Does it prove that M. Night has a sense of humor? Sure. Does it prove heís willing to laugh at himself? Not at all, since heís not really poking fun at himself here. In fact the video seems to go out of its way to avoid that, perhaps because MTV wanted him involved and was afraid of pissing him off. Just a theory. Itís still a lot of fun, letís just not go giving M. Night too much credit for being involved in it. Whatís really funny here is that even in a parody video, heís still a terrible actor.

For comparison purposes here's the actual trailer for Devil. You'll have to provide your own laughter when M. Night's name appears:

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