Jackie Chan has been too old to do action movies for nearly a decade now, but that doesn’t seemed to have stopped him. He’s always talked about wanting to take on more dramatic roles, but somehow it’s just never happened, at least not until now. Variety reports that Jackie has signed on to produce and star in a movie called The Shinjuku Incident.

The film is an immigrant drama directed by Derek Yee Tung-sing, a Chinese dramatic filmmaker. In other words it doesn’t look like he’s one of Jackie’s usual kung fu buddies. Sorry Sammo Hung.

Plot details seem to be non-existent. The best details Variety can offer are that it may be about Chinese immigrants in Tokyo in the 90s. Does that make this Jackie’s version of Lost in Translation? I had no idea that there were a lot of Chinese immigrants in Japan, though I guess it makes sense. The Japanese are pretty cool. Horny, but cool. They’re making it with a budget of $15 million, which is enough for a little shooting overseas. If this really is the drama Jackie has always talked about making, it’ll be interesting to see at last if the guy can actually act. It’s supposed to be his next movie, so expect more details soon.

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