Malin Akerman In Talks For Nic Cage Thriller

By Mack Rawden 2011-02-28 17:10:57discussion comments
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Malin Akerman In Talks For Nic Cage Thriller image
This news story is for anyone who thought these two recent flops were enough to destroy Nic Cageís bankability. Not only is the movie star still getting work, heís attracting prime talent to roll alongside him. Malin Akerman, of Watchmen fame, has just entered talks for Medallion. Directed by Simon West, itíll start shooting in a few weeks down in New Orleans with or without her. Solid money bets on with her.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Medallion follows Cage as he hastily and recklessly searches for his missing daughter. Sheís been abducted and left in the back of a cab. Lucky for her, her dadís a former thief that knows his way around the underworld. Soon, Akermanís character, another bankrobber, is on board for the frenzied search.

This sounds like a Nic Cage movie. With any luck, itíll be his first effort in a long time thatís worthy of all that entails. Weíll see. New writer David Guggenheim penned the script. That would normally make me nervous, except another one of his efforts, Safe House, has been purchased as well. Letís hope thereís some talent here. Cage may be able to survive a few more disasters, but eventually, heís going to need to turn around a hit thatís not National Treasure.
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