Mamma Mia Sequel May Pick A New Band

By Katey Rich 2009-09-15 21:44:30discussion comments
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Mamma Mia Sequel May Pick A New Band image
Mamma Mia! is not the kind of box office hit that lends itself easily to a sequel, being based on a play that itself is based on pretty much every good song-- and a few bad ones too-- by a band. So when talks of Mamma Mia 2 arose after the movie became such a phenomenon, it seemed pretty much impossible that it would ever happen. But if Colin Firth has his information right, the producers will find a way.

Talking to Collider at the Toronto Film Festival, Firth has said that ABBA member Benny Anderson doesn't want a second movie full of only obscure ABBA songs, so the producers will have to go a different route. "From what Iím understanding, the people who do want to make it, are considering the possibility of using another bands music. Why not. But thatís speculation."

Of course, Firth is just an actor with no role in the producing process, and it's unclear how his character from the film would even fit into a sequel. But given how many other jukebox musicals there have been, it's entirely possible to see another singer or group lending themselves to a Mamma Mia style movie. Any particular candidates you'd like to see?
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