Man Of Steel Set Photos: Superman Has A Beard

By Katey Rich 2011-10-06 11:13:54discussion comments
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Supermanů. with a beard? It may seem improbable, if not downright impossible, but that was the scene on the Vancouver set of Man of Steel recently, where star Henry Cavill was photographed during a rare outdoor shoot, sporting a very full, very visible beard. Socialite Life has a ton of the photos, but you can pretty much get the picture from two of them, which we've got below.

So what's happening? It's obvious from the full set of photos that this is a scene, not just rehearsal or him hanging around on an off day. He's not wearing anything resembling the Superman suit, or even anything a buttoned-up city guy like Clark Kent would wear as an adult, so I wonder if this scene is happening at some point during Clark Kent's wandering years. He spent that time holed up in the Fortress of Solitude learning things from the ghost of his father in the original Superman: The Movie, but maybe Snyder has him out there sowing his wild oats, growing a beard, wearing some flannel, listening to Animal Collective and picking up hipster chicks in Vancouver bars. Maybe he's on a spiritual journey to find himself in the wilds of Canada. Maybe he's getting mentored by Wolverine.

Yes, clearly we have no actual idea what's going on, and probably won't before Man of Steel comes to theaters on June 14, 2013-- they keep these things secret for a reason. But you guys are welcome to provide your own speculation in the comments. And because you guys might be afraid to say it, I will-- Henry Cavill looks super hot with the beard. You know I'm right.
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