Man of Steel Set Pics Hint At Smashed-Car Carnage

By Sean O'Connell 2014-08-07 11:49:05discussion comments
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Man of Steel Set Pics Hint At Smashed-Car Carnage image
Look! Up in the sky! Itís a bird. Itís a plane. Itís a dented Oldsmobile and a garbage truck with a hole in its side. OK, so the latest set pics from Zack Snyderís Superman reboot, Man of Steel donít exactly show our hero in action, but they do suggest that relatively large objects around him could get demolished. Letís just hope itís during an apocalyptic fight between Henry Cavillís blue boy scout Michael Shannonís General Zod.

The photos, which you can see in high-res over at, were snapped by a site frequenter who was lucky enough to be on or near Snyderís set in Plano, Illinois. Hopeful commentors on the page immediately started speculating that the damaged vehicles are part of a fight scene, which is entirely possible. Snyder knows that his film must, in some way, address the criticism that Bryan Singerís Superman Returns lacked a legitimate physical battle, relying on a human Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) as its chief antagonist. But let's not jump to any conclusions.

If these are from Illinois, there's a very good chance they are involved in the film's sure-to-be-included Smallville scenes. (Kevin Costner and Diane Lane have been cast as Jonathan and Martha Kent, respectively, so you know a chunk of Snyder's film will take place on Clark Kent's old stomping grounds). Also, if you look at the garbage truck, it appears something has flown through that hole. Maybe an asteroid (or spaceship) descends from the skies, rips through that truck and crashes into the car?

This is all wild speculation, unfortunately, but itís always entertaining playing the guessing game as we wait for harder evidence that Cavill will, in fact, throw a punch in Snyderís new Superman film. Until December 2012 Ė or until we get a decent shot of Supes in action Ė itís all we can do.
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