Marisa Tomei Headed To Court In Lincoln Lawyer

By Doug Norrie 2010-04-22 13:59:23discussion comments
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Marisa Tomei Headed To Court In Lincoln Lawyer image
Marisa Tomei knows a thing or two about courtrooms. Awhile back she won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress as Mona Lisa Veto: the tough-talking, ex-grease monkey, prize witness in My Cousin Vinny. Her next movie will give her the courtroom view from the other side of the witness stand. Production Weekly has it Tomei in Stone Village Productionís The Lincoln Lawyer based on the novel by Michael Connelly. Tomei will play attorney Maggie McPherson, the ex-wife of Los Angeles attorney, Mickey Haller (Matthew McConaughey).

The Lincoln Lawyer is part of a series of novels about Haller, a lawyer defending the seedier elements in the City of Angels. The movie will deal with Hallerís defense of a local realtor accused of attempted murder. Of course, as in all movies and books like this, nothing is as it seems and Haller must get to the bottom of the no-goodness.

Tomei is currently in pre-production on George Ratliffís Salvation Boulevard and will play Jonah Hillís mother in this summerís Cyrus.
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