Matt Damon Expresses Hope For Bourne 4 After All

By Katey Rich 2009-12-04 20:25:34discussion comments
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Matt Damon Expresses Hope For Bourne 4 After All image
In an interview today promoting Invictus, Matt Damon told Collider what pretty much everyone already knew-- he won't have anything to do with Bourne 4 unless Paul Greengrass is there, and with Greengrass having bailed on the project this week, that means no Damon as well. But he was also more optimistic about the prospect of playing Jason Bourne one more time than anyone would have guessed:

"Iíll just wait for him and when he wants to do one, weíll do it. Iíve always said that.† But I think it will happen down the road.† We just donít have a script right now."

In his announcement earlier this week, Greengrass didn't exactly suggest that he was hoping to find a way to direct the film. Is Damon just leading us on with hope so we stop complaining? Or is there actually secretly reason to expect this movie to happen eventually?
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