Matt Damon Says The Liberace Biopic Will Shoot In 2012

By Katey Rich 2011-02-18 18:05:24discussion comments
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Matt Damon Says The Liberace Biopic Will Shoot In 2012 image
Steven Soderbergh has been planning his Liberace biopic, starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, since at least late 2008, when the news first broke in Variety. But any number of things have gotten in the way of the project since then, from Soderbergh's other projects The Girlfriend Experience, The Informant! and the upcoming Contagion and Knockout to Damon and Douglas's own lives, including Douglas's recent bout with cancer.

But the three men have stayed committed to the project, and in a recent interview with The Orlando Sentinel Damon said that the plan now is to shoot in 2012. And though he's taking seriously Soderbergh's threats to soon retire from directing, Damon is hoping he'll be on the set of Liberace and able to talk Soderbergh into directing at least a few more. "Itís his life to do with what he wants. So in the meantime, Iíd doing as many movies with him as I can. Iíve definitely got him on the hook for one more."

Damon actually had some great stories to tell about working with Soderbergh in general, praising the director's incredibly swift work process and his passion not necessarily for telling stories in movies, but for exploring cinema form. It's obvious that Damon loves working with Soderbergh, and given that he and Douglas are both veterans after their work on the Oceans movies and Traffic, the three ought to have a ball working together-- maybe enough of a ball to convince Soderbergh to stick with the business? I'll leave you with Damon's quote about why he thinks Soderbergh really will go away, but consider me hopeful for now.

ďIíve talked at length with Steven about it. He is going away for a while, I think. He genuinely wants to paint. And he feels if he really dedicates himself he can be really good. Heís not yet 50. He will put in the hours. He has a work ethic like nobody Iíve ever seen. He feels if he puts a hard decade of work in, he could really be doing something.

ďBut I see it as a waste of this incredible depth of knowledge of filmmaking. But his thing is Ďform. Iím only interested in what I can do with form. Iíve made almost every movie I want to,í he says. ĎAnd if I see another over-the-shoulder shot, Iím going to kill myself.í

ďI said to him, right after I did ĎInvictus,í ĎSteven, I just finished a movie with a guy in his 70s who still charges out of bed every morning because he canít wait to get to the set. He has a blast and is really loving it and heís been doing it a lot longer than either of us.í And without a blink, Steven says ĎBut Clintís a storyteller. A great storyteller. Iím not interested in stories. Iím interested in form.í

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