Matthew McConaughey Back With Linklater For Bernie

By Josh Tyler 2010-09-30 14:25:05discussion comments
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Matthew McConaughey Back With Linklater For Bernie image
Matthew McConaughey last worked with Richard Linklater in 1998 on The Newton Boys and itís been downhill ever sense. Ok letís be fair, it was downhill then too. Matthew McConaughey has had the occasional success, his small parts in movies like Tropic Thunder or Frailty for instance, but back in the 90s when he was working with Linklater on movies like Dazed and Confused the guy seemed to have more promise beyond being that idiot from those horrible rom-coms.

So maybe itís good news that McConaughey is getting back with Linklater. Production Weekly says heís been cast in Linklaterís latest, a dark comedy called Bernie. The movie stars Jack Black as a funeral director who admits to killing an 81-year-old woman, only to see the entire town rally around him anyway. McConaughey will play the part of district attorney Buck Davidson in the film.
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