Matthew McConaughey Wields A Gun In Poster For Killer Joe

By Brian Salisbury 2011-09-02 06:22:26discussion comments
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What do Matthew McConaughey, Emile Hirsch, a gun, and a bizarre tagline have in common? They are all featured on the poster for William Friedkinís Killer Joe. Written by Tony Award-winning August Osage County playwright Tracy Letts, Killer Joe is the story of a young drug dealer (Hirsch) whose mother causes him to fall into debt with some dangerous people. He decides to have her killed and must rely on the nefarious Joe Cooper (McConaughey) to do the job. The film also stars Thomas Haden Church, Juno Temple and Gina Gershon. Hereís a look at the recently released poster and click on it to see it in high-res.

The movie won't premiere until the Venice Film Festival next week, so the plot details are still fairly sketchy, though we do know that at some point Joe demands to keep the drug dealerís sister as collateral, his intentions obviously impure. But the tagline on the poster reads ďmurder never tasted so good.Ē Is this some sort of innuendo that refers to the sister? If not, it seems so far removed from the image we see that itís almost like an inside joke. Suffice to say, itís a strange choice from a marketing standpoint.

The other interesting thing about this poster is the font-- not the generic neon sign design, but the fact that the letters ďJĒ and ďOĒ so much brighter than any of the others. It could be something unintentional of course, but when coupled with the enigmatic tagline, it certainly raises a few questions and piques my interest. Not that I needed much more incentive to see this film, what with it being a new William Friedkin/Tracy Letts collaboration; the two previously teamed up for 2006ís Bug, a twisted, unnerving body horror tale that artfully blended the works of director David Cronenberg and novelist Franz Kafa into something wholly original. Any time we get to see Matthew McConaughey in anything other than ubiquitous romantic comedies is a definite plus, and Iím always rooting for the tremendously talented Emile Hirsch to land that one big project that will make him a household name. I thought that project was going to be Speed Racer, but it looks like I was wrong.
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