Maya Rudolph Is The Bride-To-Be In Kristen Wiig's Wedding Movie

By Perri Nemiroff 2010-04-03 17:37:05discussion comments
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Maya Rudolph Is The Bride-To-Be In Kristen Wiig's Wedding Movie image
I recently conducted two interviews during which actresses mocked the film industryís obsession with making every female-driven movie about a wedding. Regardless, thereís another one on the way, but itís hard to imagine this one being as trite as the lot. Why? Because it stars Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph.

As reported by Production Weekly via Tweeter, the Untitled Kristen Wiig Project is actually called Bridesmaids and will feature Rudolph as the bride-to-be, Lillian, and Wiig as her bridesmaid, Annie. There are no plot details to report just yet, but the fact that it involves Saturday Night Liveís leading lady and pastime favorite suggests it wonít be Bride Wars 2.

Providing the film with a bonus dose of potential is producer Judd Apatow. If the guy can make virginity and having babies funny, heís got to be able to do something special with the madness of getting married. This will also mark Wiigís first attempt at writing and producing. If her ability to come up with good gags is anything like her comedic timing, this could be Wiigís Baby Mama.
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