Meet Tangled's Villainous Mother Gothel

By Josh Tyler 2010-11-01 16:39:51discussion comments
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Meet Tangled's Villainous Mother Gothel image
Disney has released another character bio for their upcoming computer animated movie Tangled. This one isnít done through Pixar, but Disneyís in-house animation department, which perhaps explains why there really isnít all that much excitement for it yet. But this is the same group that brought you Bolt, which was kind of incredible, and the same group that once upon a time made a hilarious movie called The Emperorís New Groove.

I mention Emperorís New Groove because the more we see of Tangled the more it seems to resemble that hilarious piece of animated slapstick. I donít know how well Tangledís story will work, but everything weíve seen from it is flat out funny. That holds true with this latest collection of moments from the film, focused entirely on the movieís villain: Mother Gothel. Sheís not your standard wicked step-mother, sheís more of a kidnapper with an addiction to magic hair. Watch:

Does anyone else think itís weird that Mother Gothel looks sort of like, well, Cher? Itís probably just a coincidence because she also looks a lot like Donna Murphy, a character actress whoís been in everything from Spider-Man 2 to an episode of Ugly Betty, and now finds herself as the voice of Tangledís Mother Gothel. Hereís what Donna looks like:

Check out three more Tangled character bios released last week right here.
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