Megan Fox Did Not Turn Down Wonder Woman

By Josh Tyler 2009-05-06 00:17:51discussion comments
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Thereís a new rumor going around that Megan Fox has turned down Wonder Woman and that Joss Whedon is out there somewhere casting it. Add this to the pile of fake Megan Fox as Wonder Woman casting rumors which have been circulating since people first became aware she existed. Maybe Whedon is working on this project again, though it seems unlikely. But if he is, Megan Fox hasnít really turned the part down, not exactly.

What really happened is that she made fun of the character. The whole thing spawned from an interview she did in FHM Magazine in which she says of the character, ďShe's lame. She flies around in an invisible jet, but she's not invisible. I don't get it.Ē Thatís a far cry from actually turning down the part, which would imply that someone is actually making a Wonder Woman movie and offered it to her. Thereís no evidence of that. Though if someone were to offer it to her, it does sound kind of unlikely that sheíd take it, doesnít it?

And letís face it, Wonder Woman is kind of lame. Seriously, whatís the point of an invisible Jet if you can see the people inside it? And what kind of a superhero weapon is a lasso? And whatís more what is an Amazon princess doing with something mostly associated with cowboys? The only reason thereís even talk of doing Wonder Woman is because sheís female and letís face it, when it comes to female superheroes itís not like we have a lot of high-profile options to make movies from. Iím with Megan Fox on this one. Actually Iím pretty much with Megan Fox on everything. She says jump, I say how high. I canít help it, Iím a guy.
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