Megan Fox Will Help Tarantino Reward Nerds At Scream 2009

By Josh Tyler 2009-10-12 18:04:23discussion comments
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Megan Fox Will Help Tarantino Reward Nerds At Scream 2009 image
Spike TV is rounding up a bevy of big stars to celebrate the world of the genre films and television. Megan Fox, Hugh Jackman, Tobey Maguire, Quentin Tarantino, Liv Tyler, Sam Raimi, Elijah Wood, and Stan Lee (who never seems to have anything better to do) are all set to appear on your TV set October 27th for Scream 2009.

So what in the name of all thatís strange and unthinkable are the Scream Awards? Itís kind of like the Saturn Awards, but with hotter girls and far fewer nerds. Itís on the Spike channel after all, thereís every reason to expect Stan Lee to be forced to fight Jack Kirby in the Octagon. Apparently this is the fourth such event Spike TV has put on, but no one seemed to pay much attention before. Maybe thatís because they didnít have Megan Foxís ass to trot out in front of the camera. Also in general, it seems to more intent on embracing horror end of genre entertainment, which is of course, a more socially acceptable type of nerdity. Theyíre Eli Rothís kind of nerds, guys who like decapitated arms and rape scenes instead of dudes who like to play with space ships. Wait, thatís socially acceptable? So thatís whatís wrong with the world.

If youíre interested in making in making sure that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is rewarded for its giant testicles, then you can influence the who wins by heading over to Spike and casting a vote for your favorite genre entertainment.
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