Megan Gale May Be Wonder Woman

By Josh Tyler 2007-11-30 13:34:13discussion comments
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If I had a nickel for every time someone claimed they knew for certain who was being cast as Wonder Woman, Iíd had a lot of shiny nickels. So I wonít be offended if you click away from reading this right now. Iím as sick of these JLA/Wonder Woman casting rumors as anyone. But itís the WBs fault. Warners was supposed to officially announced the cast last week, they didnít, and now weíre back wading through these ridiculous rumors.

The newest one comes from AICN, where they claim to be 100% certain that an Australian supermodel named Megan Gale has been cast to play Wonder Woman in JLA. She has almost no acting experience, and sheís from Australia, which means she fits in pretty well with everyone else rumored to be cast in the film. No names that Warners can get on the cheap, because letís face it, JLA isnít really worth investing much money in.

Iíll say this for Gale, she certainly looks the part. But then so would any statuesc, toned brunette. Sheís a model, not an actress though, so it should be fun watching her try to act. Iím having Cindy Crawford in Fair Game flashbacks. Iíll say this for Gale: Sheís naked a lot. Unfiltered Google image search has never been so fun.
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