Michael Bay More Interested In His Pulp Fiction Than Transformers 4

By Josh Tyler 2011-06-29 15:19:54discussion comments
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Michael Bay More Interested In His Pulp Fiction Than Transformers 4 image
Like all big budget, blockbuster directors, when you ask him what heíd like to be doing Michael Bay is quick to tell you how much he wishes he could do a smaller film. George Lucas has been saying that for twenty years, and somehow he still hasnít actually made anything. So when Bay told the world a few years ago that he was going to make a little crime movie in the vein of Tarantinoís Pulp Fiction, no one took him seriously. Except, now, maybe he really is doing it.

Whatever Bay does next it seems certain that it wonít be another Transformers movie. No matter how much money Dark of the Moon makes it seems clear that everyone involved is getting a little tired of doing them. Shia LaBeouf has already confirmed that he wonít be back and while Bay hasnít exactly ruled out another one, it seems increasingly clear that heís on to other things as well.

Talking to MTV he promises that heís really doing that little movie. Itís based on a 1998 Miami News Times article called ďPain and GainĒ in which the exploits of a group of body building criminals is detailed. Like Pulp Fiction on steroids? Come on, you know that description will work its way into Bayís pitch eventually.

Michaelís also still talking about doing a Bad Boys 3 if he can get Martin Lawrence and Will Smith back together. But what heís not talking about, what nobodyís talking about, is doing Transformers 4. If it happens, expect it to be a long way off.
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