Michael C. Hall Sticks With The Creep Roles

By Katey Rich 2009-07-31 10:34:54discussion comments
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Michael C. Hall Sticks With The Creep Roles image
Michael C. Hall may well be the king of creepazoids you'd probably want to date anyway. He was an undertaker stuck in the closet on Six Feet Under, is currently busy hacking people up in the name of justice on Dexter, and now he's going to play a 35-year-old starting a relationship with an 18-year-old. Creepy old men or murderers-- which is weirder?

The film in question is East Fifth Bliss, an indie directed by One Night helmer Michael Knowles. Variety writes that the film is an adaptation of Douglas Light's novel, which he will adapt for the screen alongside Knowles.
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