Michael Keaton Behind The Camera

By Josh Tyler 2007-02-15 01:38:12discussion comments
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What the hell happened to Michael Keaton? His career seemed to disappear along with his hair. The guy hasnít had a major role in a decent movie since, well, do we count Multiplicity? Alright, Iím going to. I like pizza Steve. Whether or not you want to count Multiplicity itís been well over a decade since the guy has starred in anything good. Who did Keaton piss off?

With his acting career basically going nowhere except playing second fiddle to Lindsay Lohan and a self-aware Volkswagen, Keaton has decided to head in a different direction. Heís stepping behind the camera. Production Weekly reports that Keaton will make his directorial debut on a movie called The Merry Gentleman. Heíll also star in the film, along with mainstream movie newbie Keith Kupferer.

The movie starts shooting in March. Itís an indie project, so that means low budget and probably limited release. We donít know what itís about yet, but itís Keaton. You have to root for him. Heís earned it. Youíll always be Batman to me Mike.
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