Mila Kunis Versus Natalie Portman

By Josh Tyler 2009-07-27 13:23:08discussion comments
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Mila Kunis Versus Natalie Portman image
Mila Kunis is becoming Natalie Portmanís arch nemesis. Sheís been cast in the Darren Aronfsky movie Black Swan in which Portman stars as a talented ballerina tormented by a rival who may, or may not, be a figment of her imagination. THR says the increasingly in demand Kunis will play that possibly rival, Lilly.

Watch your back Ashton Kutcher, Kunis is on her way to rocketing past you as the most successful That 70s Show kid. Itís all thanks to Forgetting Sarah Marshall, in which she stole the movie as Jason Segelís dream girl, pseudo love interest. Since then sheís been a hot commodity, with a long list of upcoming starring roles in high-profile upcoming movies like Extract, The Book of Eli, and Steve Carellís Date Night. That should be enough to wash the Max Payne stink off.
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