Miller Not Interested In Mad Max Cameo For Mel Gibson

By Josh Tyler 2010-01-19 02:21:52discussion comments
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Miller Not Interested In Mad Max Cameo For Mel Gibson image
While itís certain that someone else will play Mad Max in George Millerís upcoming Fury Road sequel, there had been some small hope that Mel Gibson might show up for a cameo, or find some pass the torch. But Mel addressed his involvement to Dark Horizons and rather definitely confirms that he has none.

It doesnít sound like heís unwilling or disinterested, itís more that George Miller isnít interested in having him. Mel confirms that he spoke with Miller spoke about it and theyíve ďcleared itĒ. Says Gibson, ďItís his franchise. Itís his to do with as he wishes and Iím looking forward to seeing it. Good luck to him.Ē

That fits with the sort of comments Millerís been making about Gibson all along. Back in 2006 for instance, when Mad Max 4 rumors were just getting started, Miller had this to say about letting Mel Gibson back in his Mad Max leathers: ďHe was just on the cusp of being too old five years ago. I mean, he was 21 when he first played Mad Max, and now heís in his fifties - and itís not about an old fading warrior.Ē At the time he seemed fixated on casting only young actors in his movie and, now that heís gone with Tom Hardy and Teresa Palmer, it seems heís done it.

Itís sort of sad really. I can see Miller wanting a fresh start and of course it makes sense that Mel is now too old to play the character. But come on George, you canít even find a cameo for the guy in it? Maybe you think your Mad Max franchise is bigger than Mel Gibson, and maybe it is, but the best way to get fans on board with what youíre doing is to find him a place, even if itís a tiny place, somewhere in it.
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