Moneyball Set Photos Have Brad Pitt In Boston

By Eric Eisenberg 2014-08-07 16:35:28discussion comments
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Moneyball Set Photos Have Brad Pitt In Boston image
A few months ago, I had second thoughts about the adaptation of Michael Lewis' baseball statistics book Moneyball. After all, this is a story about how a general manager for a baseball team looked at statistics in a new light. How compelling could that possibly be? Then I saw The Social Network and realized that Aaron Sorkin could make a movie about grass growing and make it compelling.

With that out of the way, the production has now moved to Boston, where Brad Pitt and company have begun filming on Lansdowne Street just outside of Fenway Park. Lucky for those of us with a new found interest in the project, Splash News has gotten their hands on some photos from the shoot. It feels as though the movie has been lensing forever (or at least since mid-July), so they must be wrapping soon. Let's hope there will be a trailer ready to go by the time Sorkin picks up his Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Check out a few over the photos below and for more, head on over to Splash News.

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