Moonwalking With Einstein To Be Adapted For The Big Screen

By Will LeBlanc 2011-03-16 17:01:53discussion comments
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Moonwalking With Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything is a non-fiction book following science journalist Joshua Foer as he covers the U.S. Memory Championship, and eventually goes on to learn the so-called tricks of the trade to remembering, well, everything and compete in and win the competition himself. This doesnít sound all that crazy, a bunch of guys remembering whatís on the back of cards, right? Nope.

These are professionals. One man, current memory champion Ben Pridemore, can remember 1,528 digits in the order in which they appear in under an hour, according to the Amazon description of the book. Thatís unreal. Most of us know 3.14159...and then we give up. Six digits! 1,528 is astonishing.

/Film has it that Columbia has picked up the rights to Moonwalking With Einstein and will be shepherding it along to the big screen. Doug Belgrad, President of Columbia Pictures made a statement in the press release that makes this film out to be more philosophical than you might imagine.
This is a very special book which transcends the already fascinating subject of memory. By explaining in personal and entertaining fashion a great deal about how our brains work, Joshua has written a book that sheds light on how memory is connected to humanity.
Whether or not weíll feel enlightened after we see this will be determined, but itís definitely an intriguing idea and will probably inspire quite a few people to start strengthening their minds rather than their Excel databases. More on this as it comes to us.
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