More Than A Dozen New Tron: Legacy Images

By Josh Tyler 2010-05-08 14:18:55discussion comments
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More than a dozen amazing new images from Tron: Legacy have been transferred online this weekend. They appeared as part of the filmís viral campaign which has launched an online game based on the movie called Space Paranoids Online. Battling your way through the game will reveal codes which can be plugged into Hello Flynn to reveal images. Iíve been driving my tank through it for a couple of hours now. Itís harder than youíd think. Below are a few of the images Iíve uncovered along with images being posted by others around the web.

Some of these images appeared at Comic Con last year and some of them are new. Iíve included the newest ones below. See them all, in high through our complete Tron: Legacy image gallery.

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