Moscow Confirmed As The Title For Chris Pine's Jack Ryan Adventure

By Katey Rich 2010-07-09 11:53:08discussion comments
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Moscow Confirmed As The Title For Chris Pine's Jack Ryan Adventure image
It's been nearly year since Chris Pine was cast as the next incarnation of super-spy Jack Ryan, but last we heard the script was still in the planning stages, with tentative plans to pick up with Ryan after his stint in the Marines and send him on an adventure in Russia with the title Moscow. Now Collider has gotten a bit more information from producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura-- and I really mean a bit.

Here's basically the entirety of it:

Its called Moscow [] We have a very good script. I think itsIm very happy with where we are today and were looking forward tomaybe with a little luck starting next late winter/early spring.

The late winter/early spring comment makes sense given what we know about the progress of Star Trek 2, which is in the early script stages and would definitely not be ready to start shooting until sometime next year. Pine's post-Trek career has moved a little slower than you might expect, but with Tony Scott's Unstoppable coming at some point soon and now Jack Ryan even closer on the horizon, he's getting closer to actually being the movie star we all saw in his Captain Kirk.
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