Movie Montage Lets You Relive All The Movies Of 2009

By Perri Nemiroff 2009-12-23 15:49:53discussion comments
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Want to relive some of the highlights of the movies released this year without rewatching them all? Kees van Dijkhuizen recently posted a montage of clips from films that hit theaters in 2009 and itís bound to give you chills. The pacing is impeccable, the soundtrack riveting and the clip selection striking, especially considering the massive amount of material that must have been sorted through.

Of course not every film of 2009 gets its time to shine in the seven-minute montage, but a massive amount is featured, including some of the greats and no-so-greats of the year. There are blockbusters like Star Trek, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Inglourious Basterds and even some lesser celebrated films like Phoebe in Wonderland, The Burning Plain, Sunshine Cleaning and, my personal favorite to see so well-represented, Whip It.

To a scary movie fan, the most glaring omission is the entire horror genre. No need to include Halloween II or Saw VI, but what about Paranormal Activity? Iím going to stop complaining now because this guy deserves some major credit. To be able to string together clips like this and make a video thatís wildly entertaining rather than monotonous is a major accomplishment. The Academy Awards need something like this!

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